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Atlantic Capes Fisheries
Atlantic Capes Fisheries, Inc.'s owner, Daniel Cohenresource sustainabilityresource sustainability

Atlantic Capes is committed to renewable and sustainable resource management.

Atlantic Capes Fisheries, Inc.'s owner, Daniel Cohen, actively participates in the public management of our nation's fishery resources. Dan is committed to building a natural resource company based upon the wise use of marine resources. As a leader in the commercial fishing industry, Dan spends a significant portion of his time organizing cooperative scientific studies with academic researchers (RutgersUniversity; Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory; Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences; and others) to provide the best available science for the managers to formulate wise use, allocation, and harvest regulations within the ocean environment.

In recognition of his environmental advocacy, Dan was awarded the "FINese" Award for Responsible Fisheries by the National Fisheries Institute, the largest association of seafood harvesters, processors, marketers and importers in the United States.

A member of ten industry associations, Dan is the Chairman of the NFI Scientific Monitoring Committee; is now Chairman of the Garden State Seafood Association Submarine Cable Committee and is the former Chairman of the National Fisheries Institute Clam Committee. Dan is an active participant in seven state/federal fisheries regulatory programs including being a New England Fishery Management Council Scallop Advisor and a NEFMC Habitat Advisor.

Atlantic Capes Fisheries

To learn more about the management of our scallop resource and the goals of sustainable fisheries management we recommend the following web sites:

An excellent site from The School for Marine Sciences and Technology University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (SMAST). An overview of marine science methodology and cooperative research applied to the Sea Scallop Resource off the East Coast.

National Marine Fisheries Service Northeast Regional Office
NMFS, a division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, is the lead federal agency managing the fisheries within 200 miles of the United States.

National Marine Fisheries Service Northeast Region Science Center
The Northeast Science Center at Woods Hole, Massachusetts oversees federal annual surveys and assessments of the status of the fishery stocks from North Carolina through Maine.

New England Fishery Management Council
An intergovernmental agency created by Congress by the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSFCMA). The NEFMC is charged by the US Congress to recommend to NMFS management measures to control fishing effort to assure sustainability and renewability of the fisheries off the New England coast.

Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences
The role of the Marine Advisory Program (MAP) is to respond to the needs of marine-based industries and the general public, and to provide information that increases public understanding of the marine environment.

National Fisheries Institute
A great web site for recipes and nutrion information sponsored by a national industry association comitted to sustainability and educating consumers concerning all issues related to seafood.

Sea Scallop Web Page
In depth academia/NMFS scallop cooperative research project with great underwater photography and graphics.

Fish-Net USA
A fishing industry website providing background information for the public concerning fisheries management and impact of commercial fishing off of the East Coast, debunking some of the unsubstantiated media overkill of claims of over fishing and depletion if our fishery resources.